XiuRen No.1590 Manuela (79Pics) – SEXY ASIAN GIRLS

But more importantly is that while we are working to incorporate that first batch of feedback, something new coming in likely effects what we’re doing. It creates a two steps forward, one step back process, which is incredibly frustrating.

It doesn’t give us room to focus on making the best version of the piece, because we’re spending our time playing catch up with new notes. It also suggests that you’re throwing out possibilities without really considering the effect on us or on the project.

The better way to go is to create the notes list and add a just wondering list, which can include all the random thoughts you’ve gathered, but aren’t sure of. That gives us all the information at once so we can intelligently incorporate, or not, the ideas that will work.

Another thing to consider is that you may not realize the time involved in taking a look at a new thought. You may have thought of something during the night, sent a quick note, and forgotten about it.
We may, then, have to spend a few days just to see if that thing is possible, while you may not have realized the time that would be involved. This is why the best way to give feedback is a conversation followed by an email listing the fruits of that dialogue for both parties. The call is necessary because we all get to be heard and have the opportunity to ask and answer questions. The list is necessary because we each may remember the conversation differently.


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